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Hello and welcome to Tokki Boutique!

I’m Polly, founder, designer, and small business owner that dances like a rejected backup dancer for Beyonce, every time you buy a piece of jewelry from me! Tokki Boutique was born as a side hustle, to my side hustle, to my full time job. Confusing right?! Let me elaborate. 

Growing up in a traditional Asian family, I was told to find a stable office job. I achieved this by being an accountant. I was a typical career woman you would see in movies. I wore professional office attire and accessories, wore four inches heels, and walked to work with a Starbucks in my hand. I looked like this for about a month into my job but I stayed at my job for years. 

Although I switched to comfortable office attire, flats, and carrying a water bottle, I still looked presentable, cute, and fashionable. I loved to express my personal style (comfortably) and realized my true passion was in fashion. I think I have my dad to thank for this. He was a business owner of a textile company. Growing up, I was surrounded by endless rolls of beautiful fabrics and watched these fabrics transform into even more beautiful items. I didn’t learn any sewing skills but I did learn the artistry of putting things together beautifully. Later, I realized that I also learned my dad’s business sense too. I guess you can say, his entrepreneur gene was passed onto me.

The first side business I started was being a wedding makeup artist. I worked my full time job during the week and figured I can make some extra money on the weekends. When I wasn’t working at a wedding, I also worked at my god-mother’s jewelry store. She was always supportive of my artistry and encouraged me to design and create unique jewelry for sale at her store. Some of my earlier pieces were even sold to some lucky customers. From there, I wanted to expand and start my second side business, that is when Tokki Boutique was born!

For years, I worked full time, did weddings on the weekends, and Tokki Boutique on the weekends and evenings. This schedule sounds crazy and you are probably wondering when did I sleep or eat, but the reality is I LOVED doing everything for Tokki Boutique. It gave me energy and excitement when I would get positive feedback from my clients. 

Currently, I have two dreams: First, to continue to expand Tokki Boutique by creating more collections and working with more talented designers. Second, to inspire others who have a passion for something to start their own business. I truly believe you can achieve anything you want by: taking the first step in trying; work hard for the goals you set; and surround yourself with people who support you and your dreams.