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Crescent Moon Layering Necklace Set


This layered necklace set is made up of 2 necklaces coming together sharing the same clasp. We put a bold paper clip style chain as the first layer, then balance it out with a crescent moon chain pendant. No stress in how to layer your necklace set, we did it for you here!

1st Chain Length: 14" (36.0 cm) + 2" (5.0 cm) extension, total 16"
Chain Width: 0.5 cm

2nd Chain Length: 17 1/2" (45.0 cm) + 2" (5.0 cm) extension, total 19 1/2"
Chain Width: 0.2 cm
Pendant Length: 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Pendant Width: 11/16" (1.7 cm)

Weight: 11g

Metal: Rhodium plated, gold plated, rose gold plated, brass