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Double V Ring


Thin Double V Cubic Ring Band

Band Width: 1/16" (2.0mm) at the back, 1/16" (1.0mm) when split going to the front
Front Width: 5/16" (8.0mm) Widest Part
Weight: 1g

Material: Rhodium, Rose Gold or 14k Gold plated over brass

Our Ring Size Chart:
XXS: ~4.5 US / 15.3mm Diameter/ 48.0mm Circumference
XS: ~5.25 US / 15.8mm Diameter/ 50.0mm Circumference
S: ~6.0 US/ 16.5mm Diameter/ 52.0mm Circumference
M: ~7.0 US/ 17.0mm Diameter/ 54.0mm Circumference
L: ~7.75 US/ 17.7mm Diameter/ 56.0mm Circumference
XL: ~8.25 US/ 18.2mm Diameter/ 58.0mm Circumference